Hida Takayama ATEYA

At Ateya – The Taste of Hida, you can enjoy Hida Takayama's renowned Hida Beef dishes and local cuisine.

Hida Beef

Hida Beef, the ultimate representative of Hida, a Brand Name Beef.
Here, we have many premium techniques to realize the full flavor of Hida Beef. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy this taste.

Takayama Local Food

Dishes long handed down in the area, made with original cooking styles and ingredients unique to the Hida region.


We have local brewed sake which is popular among the Hida folks, also selected sake from all over Japan.

Star menu

*Price includes tax.

Hida Beef MISUJI Steak

A rare part of beef that can only cut 2kg from a cow.

(150g) 4,500 YEN

Seared Beef

Seard Hida beef with Ponzu.

1,580 YEN

Beef skewer

Grilled top-grade Hida beef skewer.

780 yen

Kikizake Set

Enjoy our selection of sake flight.

1,000 YEN

Hida beef grilled on a Hoba Leaf

Special local cuisine that grills beef and veg with Hoba Miso on a Hoba Leaf.

1,680 YEN

Fried Gyoza Dumplings

Mouth-watering luxury gyoza with 100% Hida beef.

580 YEN

Edamame beans

The world most popular starter.

300 YEN

Fried Chicken

Crispy skin, juicy tender meat, good volume of fried chicken is everybody’s favorite.

480 YEN

Lunch menu

Lunch Service(Weekends & Public holiday)12:00 – 15:00  L.O. 14:00

Stone grilled A5 Hida beef MISUJI steak set

Carefully selected rare part of top quality A5 Hida beef steak (150g)
(Salad, Rice, Miso soup, pickles incl)

4,800 YEN

Hida beef grilled on a Hoba leaf set

Special local cuisine that grills beef and veg with Hoba Miso on a Hoba Leaf.

(Salad, Rice, Miso soup, pickles incl)


Hida beef von curry set

Mild curry using home-made rich stock with full flavor of Hida beef.

(Salad, incl)

1,050 YEN

・Hida beef von curry with Hida beef steak set(Salad, incl)

1,880 YEN

Shop information

Please note that serve O-toshi, a small appetizer to every customer which is a customary kind of cover charge and is 500yen.


Lunch Service(Weekends & Public holiday)
 12:00 – 15:00  L.O. 14:00
Dinner Service
 17:30 – 24:00  L.O. 23:00
■Closed on Wednesdays